Privacy Policyプライバシーポリシー

Mother Farm Co.,Ltd. (Mother Farm) realizes the importance of personal information. In order to thoroughly protect this information and gain the trust of our guests, we vow to strictly adhere to personal information laws and other regulations as well as adhere to the following privacy policy.

  1. Gathering personal information

    Mother Farm gathers personal information of the guests within a required range during times such as questionnaires, e-mail distribution services, distributing samples, offering prizes and providing online shopping services in order to provide our guests with better services. When gathering information, we try to limit purposes as much as possible. We do not gather any personal information which we do not need to achieve the purpose of gathering information. In addition, we gather information using legal and just methods.

  2. Management and Protection of Personal Information

    When managing personal information of guests, Mother Farm carries out proper management under the lead of a manager and endeavors to prevent information from leaking outside. In addition, we implement safety measures at a proper and rational level for dangers such as unauthorized access, loss, damage and falsification and we work hard to protect our guest's personal information.
    Mother Farm limits those with access authority and carries out strict management so unauthorized usage does not happen even internally in regards to access to areas such as personal information data bases.
    Mother farm may outsource an outside agency to handle personal information in order to provide our guests with better service. In this case, we will carry out proper management by selecting a group company or contractor (the Contractor) who can handle personal information in a proper manner and we will determine items in the outsourcing contract necessary for preventing problems such as leakage of guest's personal information including management of personal information, maintaining confidentiality and prohibition of re-providing information.

  3. Usage of Personal Information

    We take sufficient consideration so that usage of personal information gathered by Mother Farm does not infringe on the rights of our guests within the necessary range to achieve the purpose of gathering the information.
    When we are provided with personal information by our guests, we may provide information which you may be interested in by e-mail or another method from Mother Farm or the Contractor. If you do not wish to receive these messages, contact Mother Farm or the Contractor and you will not be sent this information.

  4. Providing Personal Information

    Mother Farm will not disclose or provide our guest's personal information to a third party besides the Contractor without consent of the guest. However, when we are required to disclose the information by law or when we are required to disclose the information from a public institution such as a court or the police, we may disclose and provide the information without the guest's consent.

  5. Disclosure and Revision of Personal Information, etc.

    When we are requested by a guest to disclose their personal information, we will disclose this to the guest without delay expect in cases in which there is remarkable hindrance to Mother Farm operations or harm personal life, health, assets or other benefits.
    When there is a request from the customer to revise or delete their personal information, Mother Farm will carry out an investigation without delay. In this case, when there is a reason that revision or deletion is necessary, we will revise or delete the information without delay.

  6. Internal System

    Mother Farm has established internal regulations for protecting personal information and taught clear policies about handling personal information to Mother Farm directors, employees, etc. based on this privacy policy in order to put forth efforts to protect the personal information of our guests. Mother Farm has established a system for internal auditing to confirm whether or not our protection of personal information is sufficient.

  7. Reviews

    We properly review the above contents and make improvements in regards to handling the personal information of our guests. When the contents of this privacy policy are revised, they will be displayed on this website.

  8. Inquiry Center

    Please contact the following for inquiries about personal information.

    Food Business Division, Mother Farm Co.,Ltd.
    〒299-1601 940-3, Tagura, Futtsu-shi, Chiba
    Tel. 0439-37-2047 (9:00-17:00)